2000 Questions in Whisky Quiz

Three Legends Tasting

Three Legends Tasting

The picture above shows Question No. 2001 in Whisky Quiz.

We have just exceeded the amazing number of 2000 questions in Whisky Quiz.

As you might know the questions are grouped into different categories. The categories are:

  • Whisky Distilleries
  • Basics
  • Production of Whisky
  • Whisky & Whiskey Worldwide
  • People in Whisky Business
  • History of Whisky
  • Whisky Literature
  • Spirit

The following pie chart shows the proportions of categories.

Questions by Category

 As you can see most questions are in the category Distilleries. This is not a surprise, isn’t it? However, it would be great to have even more question in categories like People, History and Literature.

Ideas about questions are welcome!

Feel free to join Whisky Quiz and become a quiz moderator. All you have to do is to register and send us a small message.

Have Fun!