About Whisky Share

Whisky Share

Whisky is the most interesting and complex spirit in the world.
Whisky Share was developed to share Whisky sample with other Whisky enthusiasts in their local area or, if you want, all over the world.
With Whisky Share you can find whisky lovers all over the world and share experiences and thinkings with them.
The core function is to share samples of our most loved spirit. The usage is very easy.
Of course you need to register first.


We do not want your private data.

Nowadays we should be very sensitive in giving away our personal data.

Whisky Share

Whisky Casks


This platform just connects you with other whisky drinkers in the world.
What you need is just a valid email address and the willing to share your whisky with others.

Sharing Whisky Samples

Sharing means to offer a small sample, just one dram (2cl), for others. The samples ┬ácan be found with Whisky Share’s powerful database and will be payed by credits.
This small transaction will bring you credits, depending on the worth of your offered whisky.
With this credits you can “buy” shares offered by other members.
With this system we will generate a win-win system that will bring you a lot of fun,
wonderful whiskies to taste and a lot of friends all over the world.
So let’s go and Share your Spirit!

Whisky Quiz

Further we will implement a Whisky Quiz. With the quiz you can play against other Whisky lovers all over the world.
Let’s see what you know about Malts, Blends, Scotland and Whiskies from all over the world.
Whisky Quiz

Whisky Quiz


The usage of Whisky Quiz is very easy. In a match you will get 10 randomized questions – out of more than 1000 available questions! Answers will be given by multiple choice.