Fary Lochan Distillery – Danish Single Malt

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Good single malt whisky is also produced at our neighbors in Denmark. Fary Lochan – Danish single malt whisky – is a small but fine Whisky Distillery in the small village Farre near Billund. Jens-Erik Jørgensen is the head of the distillery. Jens-Erik has nothing to do with the production but employs a full-time employee, Leo Mortensen. Part-time Jens-Erik’s son Morten joins the production as the Master Distiller at Fary Lochan.
On Saturday November 7, I took the opportunity to visit the distillery.


Fary Lochan – Danish Single Malt

Unfortunately, our arrival was too late for the planned tour with Jens-Erik. He was very busy at this day but Leo Mortensen gave us the tour through the distillery and readily answered every question.

We started the tour in the first of the two small production buildings. Here one finds the 1.200l stainless steel Mashtun. Fary Lochan mashes once a week. Also in the same building are the four fermenters.

In the second production facility, the Stillhouse, you can find the two copper pot stills of Fary Lochan. They are from Scottish manufacturer Forsyth‘s in Rothes, who also produced the stills for such large distilleries like Glenlivet, Glenfiddich, Glen Grant or Yamazaki.
The larger wash still has a capacity of 300 liters. The Spirit Still holds 200 liters. However, Jens-Erik is planning to expand the capacity and a new Wash Still is already commissioned. It’ll have the same capacity as the Mash Tun, 1.200 liters, what will mean a good continuity of the production process. The two smaller stills then become both spirit stills. I think that’ll mean a slight change in the spirits character.

From the Still Room we went directly downstairs to the basement. There is “Warehouse No 1”, so as the legendary Bowmore Warehouse No 1 under the sea level ;-). Here are the “Spirit Receiver” and Feints Receiver and about 40 barrels of different in size. The standard barrel at Fary Lochan is an ex-Bourbon from Heaven Hill Distillery.

In an underground passage with wall paintings inspired by Edradour, called the Hall of Fame, we came to warehouse No 2.
Fary Lochan Spirit is sleeping in sherry butts and other standard ex-Bourbon barrels in this room.
Leo told us that it takes about 14 days to fill a standard barrel (200 liters) at Fary Lochan. This means an annual production of approximately 5200 liters of spirit.
From Warehouse No 2, a staircase brought us to the very nice shop area which also houses the tastingroom at Fary Lochan.

Our short tour ended here.

Many thanks again to Jens-Erik, and especially to Leo, for the great insights to the Single Malt from Denmark. I’m really looking forward to have a Fary Lochan, which is really brilliant despite his young age, in one of my tastings.