Feorlin Guest House


Feorlin Guest House


Our hosts at Whisky School

Angela & Callum

During our stay at Springbank Whisky School we stayed at Feorlin Guest House. This is all arranged by Springbank. Angela and Callum are the owners of the B&B and they are a very welcoming couple. The “Isle of Arran” (ferry from Ardrossan) arrived on schedule at Campbeltown harbour at 4:30pm and the walk to Feorlin Guest House took me just 15 minutes. My anticipation was very high.
A warm welcome of Angela and Callum made me feel at home right from the beginning.

School classes at Springbank Whisky School consists of six students and normally all students stay at Angela & Callum. I was very excited to meet my five colleagues. On Springbank’s Facebook Site I read about former Whisky Schools and so I knew that attendees came from all over the world. I had no idea where the others would come from but I hoped that they would come from five different countries.

Arriving at Feorlin Guest House at 5:00 pm I wasn’t the first student who finished his trip to Campbeltown. One guy from the United States arrived one hour earlier. His name was Bozkurt, called Bozzy. Growing up in Istanbul, Turkey in the early 80’s, he moved to New York in 2004 and now lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Bozzy runs his own Whisky Blog where he writes very interesting reviews about Whisk(e)y. We understood eacother very well from the beginning and it was a pleasure to talk about Whisk(e)y with him. He is a real Whisky expert.
Bozzy’s reviews -are written in a very diverting style and I can highly recommend his blog.

Angela and Callum told us that there would be three guys from Belgium and one from Japan to complete the Whisky Gang. The Japanese was expected very late in the evening because of the bus timetable. But the Belgiums, travelling by their own car, would arrive in time to have dinner with us. Bozzy and I decided to walk over the street to a nice pub, The Fiddler’s Inn. That was a really nice place to seal the new friendship with a pint of Scottish Ale 🙂

This little nice pub became our third place between work (Whisky School) and home. Every day after “working very hard” at the distillery we had a nice pint of scottish ale there before having the great daily three course dinner at Angela & Callum`s house.

When Bozzy and I came back to Feorlin Guest House from our first welcome pint we met the three Belgiums. They arrived in time for the dinner.

There was Freddy, the oldest student in our class, who was a banker and retired a few years ago. His passions are photographing and obviously Whisky! Fortunately, he had his photo equipment with him which gave us amazing pictures 🙂 You can enjoy Freddy’s work here.

The second Belgium was Frank, a really tall guy. Frank said that he will write a book about the Whisky School.

Last but not least, we met Wim, the 3rd of the Belgium league. He’s a self-employed Whisky fan who loves trading samples. Wim is a cask owner at Glengoyne Distillery, one of the few distilleries in Scotland where you can own your own cask. Well, to have your own cask maturing in a warehouse in Scotland – that must be a great feeling!


Living room at Feorlin

Enjoying the after work malt in the living room at Feorlin

After dinner we decided to meet in the pub and wait for the Japanese guy. At 10:00pm our Japanese class mate arrived at Feorlin Guest House. His name was Kohei and he is a very friendly young guy from Tokyo. Of course he was very tired because of travelling more than 20 hours at that day. Kohei loves travelling and he studied in Cardiff, Wales a couple of years ago. He’s a real Japanese – no step without his camera.
His passions are Whisky – of course – and piano. He is a very educated young man with an amazing knowledge about Japanese Whisky.

The next picture shows the Whisky School Students of term 9.6.14-13.6.14, together with their hosts Angela & Callum:

Frank (BE), Kohei (JP), Bozkurt (Bozzy) (US), Callum, Jens (DE), Angela, Freddy (BE), Wim (BE)
Springbank Whisky School 2014 Students

Springbank Whisky School left to right: Frank, Kohei, Bozzy, Callum, Jens, Angela, Freddy, Wim – at Feorlin Guest House

The first evening with my new class mates was very promising and we all slept very well in our bedrooms at Feorlin Guest House.


My bedroom at Feorlin Guest House


If you ever are going to visit Campbeltown I can highly recommend the Feorlin Guest House.


The subject of the next post will be our first day in Whisky School – stay tuned!nextpost