How to add a question in Whisky Quiz

How to add a question in Whisky Quiz

If you want to add questions to Whisky Quiz you must be an authorized user. Please ask to become a member of the Whisky Quiz Team if you’re interested. But always keep in mind that Whisky Quiz is a nonprofit community !

Once you’re promoted to a Whisky Quiz Moderator you’ll be able to add questions to the database.

This post explains how to add a question in Whisky Quiz.


Enter the Quiz Module

To enter the quiz module just click on the Whisky Quiz link in the main menu.

Whisky Quiz

Enter the Quiz module

Add the question

With sufficient rights you’ll find a Button called “Add Question”.

Add Question

Add Question

Click this button to enter the “New Question Form”.

Category and Language

Question should be available in English and German. We would be pleased if you can create your question in both languages – but if not, don’t hesitate to add the question in your preferred language. Most important is the question idea. We will create the translation for you ๐Ÿ™‚

Language and Category

Question Language and Category

Questions are grouped into categories. So you have to decide which category fits best to your question.

The Question

When entering the question try to keep it short. When playing the quiz we use a timeout. If it takes to long to understand the question, people will fail to answer even they would have known the answer.

Whisky Question

Whisky Question

Answer Choices

Answering questions is just clicking on one of the four choices. Enter them into the appropriate fields.


Your question looks better when decorated by a nice picture. For that you can upload or use an already uploaded picture.

Add an Image

Add an Image

If you’re uploading a picture please take care about copyrights. Be sure that you are legally using the picture!

Right Answer Choice

Whisky Quiz needs to know which choice is the right one. You have to slelect it from the dropdown.

Save Question

Save Question

Your question will then be saved to the database and is waiting for approval. This is done by another Whisky Quiz Moderator.