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The Whisky Quiz

This small tutorial shows you how to play the Whisky Quiz!

You reach the Quiz by clicking the Main Menu Entry “Whisky Quiz“.

Start the Whisky Quiz

Start the Whisky Quiz

The above picture shows the starting page of the quiz.

To play a solo quiz just click the image with the single person. The other images start the challenge mode. For the challenges you have to be logged in.

When the image is clicked the quiz starts with the first question. We have thousands of questions, coming out of different categories (Distilleries, Production, History etc.). The 10 questions that you have to answer are generated by random. As a logged in user you will always get new ones!

The Whisky Quiz Question

The Whisky Quiz Question

Now the time is running. Read the question carefully and answer by clicking the appropirate answer button. You will see the result immediately. If your answer was wrong and you’re logged in you will see what would have been the right answer.

Untitled 2.003

Right or Wrong

The button with the information about right or wrong appears and brings you to the next question. Between the questions there is no reason to hurry. The timeout isn’t active between questions – so time to breathe đŸ˜‰

A special kind of questions are the TRUE-FALSE statements. For these you only have to decide whether the given statement is true or not.

Untitled 2.004

True or False


You have to answer 10 questions and always can see you status in the progress bar:

Untitled 2.005

Whisky Quiz Progress

In the example above 4 questions where answered so far. 3 where answered rigth and one, the first one, wrong. When you’re logged in you can review the question  easily by clicking on the number.

When ou answered all questions you can see your result.

Untitled 2.006

Whisky Quiz Result

To get a more detailed result please click on the blue button labled “More Details“. This will bring you to a detailed overview like the following:

Untitled 2.007

Detailed Overview in Whisky Quiz


Here you can share your result in your favorite social network.



Video Tutorial for a Quiz Challenge: