Share Your Whisky Quiz Results

Share Your Whisky Quiz Result

A lot of quizzers asked for the feature to share their Whisky Quiz Result.
The new implementation of this feature takes care about data privacy and lets you  Share Your Whisky Quiz Result.

Share Your Result

Share Your Result

Whisky Quiz Statistics

When a Quiz is finished you now have the possibility to get more details about the played quiz. Inside this step we have implemented the Share Buttons that do the sharing job.

Untitled 2.001


When the new button “More Details” is clicked, you see a picture like the following.

Untitled 2.002Her you can see the details about your played quiz round:

  • how many questions have been played
  • how many right answers
  • how many wrong answers
  • result in percentage


Below this overview the result is divided into the Whisky Quiz categories which occured in your Quiz round. For each category you see 3 badges:

3 -> Shows the number of played questions
3 -> Shows the number of right answers
0 -> Shows the number of wrong answers
This overview shows details about your played Quiz.

Untitled 2.003

If you want to share the result you just have to click one of the social media share buttons and follow the instructions.


Happy sharing!