Whisky Krüger

Whisky Krüger in Holzbunge, Germany

Whisky Krüger

Whisky Krüger

A new location for Whisky Lovers scheduled to open its doors to public late September this year in Northern Germany, Holzbunge (near Kiel).

Thomas Krüger, wellknown Whisky Enthusiast from Germany and founder of Whisky Internet Auction whiskyauction.com, starts a new business together with his friend Jens Nielsen. Located in an amazing estate near the baltic see this new Whisky Resort will create a personalized Whisky Experience for their visitors. Whisky Krüger will be the name and you should visit the website www.whiskykrueger.eu that has been launched a couple of days ago.

Whisky Store

The Whisky Store will offer 1,000 different Whiskies from all over the world.

Whisky Cafe

The Whisky Cafe with its Conewhis, Whisky based pastries, invites you to enjoy more than 250 Whiskies – including some rarities like Black Bowmore, Port Ellen or Old Fitzgerald’s.
The cosy cafe garden beckon you to stay and enjoy what they have to offer!

Whisky  & Whiskey Tastings

Whisky Tastings will be held in the Tasting Hall. A wide range of Tastings are already scheduled and can be booked online on the website. Seats for tastings can be booked on special tables which are named after famous distilleries. What a great idea. I’d like to enjoy a Springbank tasting and having my seat booked on a table carrying Springbank on its name plate. But in this case I might be joining the other side of the show 😉

You can find upcoming events here on the calendar of events.

Time for a dram

Time for a dram

Whisky Museum

Last but not least the Whisky Museum. Beside a huge collection of Whisky Bottles the great history of Whisk(e)y will be shown at Whisky Krüger.
The content will be displayed by several touch screen monitors installed in the museum allowing the visitors to browse freely throughout any section they choose and encouraging them to create their own personalized experience. The exhibition spaces will contain large format photo displays as well.

I’m really looking forward to the opening of this amzing place for Whisky lovers.

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